Right target group?

Here is a text written by a Norwegian pupil.

A: What is the purpose of the text?

B: Who is the text aimed at?

C: Is the style level of the text suitable for the purpose, too informal, or too formal?

D: To what extent do you find the text successful, given its purpose and receiver? Give reasons.



Task: Write a letter to President Bush in which you try to persuade him that political solutions are better than the use of force. Give your text a suitable title.
Hi President Bush!

Since I only am a normal student from Norway and you probably get hundreds, or maybe even thousands of these letters every day, you most likely have no intentions to read this one at all. And I understand that to read all of them would have been incredible boring, not to say impossible for you, but damn either. When I first have written such an important letter as this, I will make sure you read it properly! So if I have to put a gun at your head, I will! And if to kill your family is what it takes, I will personally deal with that too.

But I have one question for you. If I cilled your wife, to pressure you to do what I wanted, would you just moved on afterwards? Or would you had done everything in your power to get back on me? And would you continue doing the things from the letter?
I think you see where I am heading with this. Because the thing is, that when I use this kind of power to solve my problem, the only thing I really do is to create a whole lot more of them, which is not in anyones wishes.
What if I, instead of blackmailing you and forcing you to read my letter, did some lobbying. If I got close to some of your friends, or your wife, or maybe even your daughter at school, I could try to use them to get to you. Then you would see that I am a good boy, with good intentions. So maybe you would think that my letter was worth to read after all. Then you would open-minded read my letter and maybe followed those advices you liked.
All of this was just an example to reach out with my point in this letter, that in our world, there are other solutions to problems than declaring war. And damn, I got to say this, you do that a lot!
In some cases I might agree with you, but in most of them I think your effort to solve them without weapons are too small.
You only have one year left now, so I think you schould give the talking a shoot from now on.


Right target group?
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