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But and Eventually Furthermore But So Therefore So despite this


Superman was born on the Planet Krypton. When his father, Jor-El, realised that the Planet Krypton was doomed, he launched his son into space. he landed on a small blue-green planet called Earth.
The child was adopted by Smallville residents Jonathan and Martha Kent, was named Clark. The boy grew to be quick and strong, as his Kryptonian cells were converting the Sun's energy into incredible superpowers.
After high school, Clark moved to Metropolis, where he works as a mild-mannered reporter on the Daily Planet. whenever danger calls, he's only a quick-change away from saving the world … as Superman.
Superman's strength lies in the fact that the gravity on Krypton was much greater than on Earth. how do we know this? The fact that Superman can survive on Earth means that Krypton must have had a similar climate and atmosphere. his home planet was probably made of rocks and water, with a core of molten metal, just like Earth.
Krypton's Jupiter-like size would make it very heavy. Jupiter is made of gas, with only a small rocky core. although Jupiter is 1321 times the size of Earth, it only weighs 318 times as much. as Krypton is made from rocks and water, it would weigh 1321 times as much as the Earth.
, Superman apparently gets some of his tremendous energy directly from our Sun. The yellowish light that comes from the Sun contains more energy that the red light that bathed Superman’s home planet.
Superman's first appearance was in Action Comics #1 in 1938. In 1939, a self-titled series was launched. The first issue mainly reprinted adventures published in Action Comics, but the book achieved greater sales.


Conjunctions and linking adverbials
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