What is the structure of each of these texts?


problem - solution conclusion - argument false - true opinion - justification situation - examples


Animals teach us to be more loving human beings; they force us to be patient, to slow down, to appreciate simple things (a good walk, a treat from time to time, and a steady flow of affection).      

'It's not money that excites me, it's the choices it gives me to have a few luxuries in my life. I've got natural drive and ambition and my six-figure salary is just a by-product of that.   

There is no fear of the punishment for knife crime, or for that matter any other crime in this country. The police should be forced to charge everyone found carrying a knife, with no cautions.
When it comes to make-up, I'm absolutely convinced that cosmetics are the greatest protector of the skin yet devised. All the women I know who have worn make-up all their lives have good skins. But the women who haven't bothered with make-up – unless they've taken superlative care of their complexions – have now got skin that shows the ravages of time.
Public transport is very, very inconvenient. I have to rely on three different forms of public transport to get to my work and it takes twice as long as it would if I could go by car.


What structures have been used?
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