What is the genre of each of these texts/excerpts?


news story joke book review advertisement weather forecast debate


Of course no. There is quite enough oil on market for prices to be much lower. Speculators are doing the things. US is blackmailing China with cheep dollar while today oil is traded in euros. As for those who are buying it in dollars, who cares?
A human foot has been found on a beach near the west-coast city of Vancouver, Canadian police say. It is the fifth human foot to wash up on beaches in the area in the past year. The latest find is a left foot, whereas the other four were right feet.
“What’s red and invisible?” “No tomatoes!”
A bright start for most tomorrow, but there will be more cloud around in the north of Scotland. Cloud will tend to increase across Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern parts of England, with the chance of a few showers.
Alfa Romeo and Pordrive join forces to produce the new Brera S. All the classic Alfa style and performance, enhanced by Britain’s leading automotive technology specialist. With sports leather interior, ultra-light 19” alloy wheels and specially adapted suspension for optimum handling on Britain’s most challenging roads.
Faber clearly thinks Rodge Glass is a comic novelist, but “Hope for Newborns”, his second novel, is not really funny. But Faber’s problem is obvious: it’s hard to know what else to call it, or how to categorise its author. 


What genre?
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