Decide which genres each of  the following paragraphs belongs to.


Film review Tourist information Job application Poem News article

Rest at pale evening...
A tall slim tree...
Night coming tendrerly
Black like me.


The actor Christian Bale, 34, was arrested on Sunday night after his mother and sister reported him to police for an alleged assault. His mother Jenny, 61, and sister Sharon, 40, are said to have gone to a police station in Hampshire to make the claim, which was subsequently referred to the Metropolitan police.



The first of the big budget superhero blockbusters has arrived, and it's a roaring success, thanks to a combination of superb special effects and canny casting. Robert Downey Jr is Tony Stark, an amoral weapons manufacturer who acquires a conscience and a suit of power armour when he is kidnapped by generic middle eastern baddies. Back home, he rebuilds his suit and takes to the skies, to rain fiery justice on warmongers foreign and domestic.


During the recent ARRGH convention in Washington, D.C., one of your sales representatives, Dusty Brown, informed me of a possible opening for a manager in your Data Center. My extensive background in programming and my master's degree in information systems make me highly qualified for the position.


Comprising a maze of characteristic wooden buildings with pointed gables facing onto the harbour, the old Bryggen Hanseatic wharf is architecturally unique and is included on UNESCO's list of world heritage of history and culture.


Which genre?
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