Other newspaper genres

In Exploring English (p. 61) we promise more examples of different kinds of newspaper articles. Here they are.

A feature article aims to give information on or insight into a topic, which need not be a part of the news section of a newspaper. Feature articles are usually placed inside the paper and may be quite long. The example we give is an article on Jane Austen from the Daily Mail.

Comment articles and columns give the opinions of individual writers on some topic, often connected with the current news. Columns are usually more personal than comment articles, which also aim to explain a topic. Although these genres are subjective, they are not private. The example we give is a column from The Independent.

Leading articles or Editorials are written by the editor(s) of a newspaper and represent the paper's official opinion. They are usually linked to a current news topic. The example we give is an editorial from the New York Times.


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