Structuring an essay

The text below is an essay written by a Norwegian pupil. The intended audience was fellow pupils at school.


A: Mark the places where you think it would be natural to start a new paragraph.

B: Consider whether you think the essay keeps to its topic. Does it include something that you think is beside the point? Is there anything else that you think should have been included in the essay?

C: Discuss your answers to questions A and B with a classmate.


The problem of harassing and bullying

Today harassing and bullying is “usual”. It is happening every day. In Norway we don’t hear so much about it, but in the U.S. you can hear about it on the news every day. There is assault, murder, threats, rape and armed robbery every day. Here in Norway there is another form of harassing which is more usual, that is bullying. Every day a victim of bullying is crying when she or he is coming home after a new terrible day at school. There are many people who says there is a lot of violent in Norway. It is true, but in some other countries there is much more. E.g. in the U.S. there is over 11,000 murders with a handgun every year. And what about the president, George W. Bush? He has commanded war against Iraq. I don’t see the point in this. There have already been enough wars in the world. Just think of e.g. Rwanda, World War I or World War II. In the second world war we saw what kind of power there is in a nuclear bomb. I don’t want to see that power one more time.

Even there is bullying or war, is this not necessary. Is there anyone who deserves to become bullied? What about the innocent people who became killed in the war, did it serve them right? What causes all this violence? I cannot answer this question and I guess you can’t either. All we can do is to stand together and fight against the violence and terror. We can make a good environment at school and protect the victim of bullying.

We can protect against Norwegian soldiers in Iraq. We have to do whatever we can to protect the world from a new 9/11. Once is enough, actually that is one time too many.

One person cannot save everybody, but everybody can save one.


Structuring an essay
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