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World of education or porn


In my openion the Internet can be seen as both a good discovery and a bad one.

            The good thing about it is that it decreases our trouble of finding materials. One only has to type in a word, one might be curious of and click search. After this, thousands of “hits” appear.

            There is not as great a need of books today, as it was. In the old days one had to go through book by book to find any decent material. Yes, books are more reliable sources, but the Internet is a simpler solution. One should always check a fack two times, whether it’s between two books, or the Internet and a book.

            By using the Internet one gets more views of one thing. Books are often written by one person alone, and that person will most likely reason his/her point of view. Among the thousand’s of “hits” one get’s on the Internet there has to be considerable more views.

            However, the Internet also has disapproved areas. The worst area in my eyes would have to be the porn network. Common porn is bad enough, but children porn violates all boundaries. Just thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach.

            Regular Porn is not a problem for me, I just don’t watch it. Adult human beings get payd for doing porn, at least most of them, and they also do it out of free will, many think that it’s easy made money. But the children however are most likely not doing it out of free will, nor do I belive that they receive money for it, they are slaves.

            There are thousands of pedofiles out there, why lead them on? We do not want more of them. Many of them are able to keep it together, why tempt them, it will only make the case wors.

            In my opinion people even having such a thought should seek immediate help. It doesent matter how others see them just as long as a childe’s life is safe. Grab the problem by its roots.

            The child in the making of the movie, or picture gets scarred for life. No matter how young the child might be he or she will always feel different, filthy and he or she might even get psychological. Child porn is both cruel and inhumain, and in my opinion the seksual attacker should be seksually attacked back. Death or prison is not a cruel enough punishment. Torture is what they deserve.

            Maybe someone aught to have been in charge of the Internet, but can anyone really be trusted? Anyone can turn out to be lets say a murderer, even the onse we trust the most, so I would not trust the one in charge of the Internett, at all.

            I belive that if we had strickter rules about what’s being put online, if every site had to go through a judging panel, we would have less rubbish out there.


Cappelen Damm

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