Correct the errors


Find the errors in spelling, vocabulary and grammar in this text and correct them. (The text was written by a Norwegian pupil for a test in the middle of Vg1.)



In this century it is put big pressure on teenagers. We need to go to school 190 days in a year, that is about half a year and in addition we have a lot of homeworks and tasks.


So why are we making it even more difficult? It is not reason for bully or haras each oter. The only thing we get out of it is a victim with a ruin self-image. It is also a big chance that this person will commit suicide.

Bullying is a big problem, not only on school but also on work. Many adult has quit their job because they were unhappy and felt they were victim of bullying.


One thing is that they quit there job, but an other thing is that the can get psychological dysfunction for life. The worst scenario is that they never will be able to work again or even be afraid to talk to other again.


As you understand is bullying a large problem and it is very important to do something about it. The easiest would have been if everyone had been nice with each other, but the world is not that way. We have to do something with it if we want to make it happened. Everyone need to stand together, if we want to stop bullying and harassing. I think it is great that organisation like MOT are working against bullying.


I don’t now if it is bullying on this school, but I think it is. To stop that we have to tell the victim to say stop. If this not work can we self tell the bullyes to stop, or we can say it to a teacher.


If everyone stands together can we solve almost all problems.


Correct the errors
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