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Behind every graduate was a teacher or two

At this time of year ’s excellent coverage of our recent graduates, including high school, college, graduate and medical schools. I realized something was missing when I read your article Monday that featured the need for graduating engineers and the different professions that are lacking qualified graduates. The article focused on the shortage of teachers to prepare our students for their chosen careers. Yes! The unsung heroes in short supply are our teachers and their dedication to the future of our national workforce.
really hit home when I had the experience of moving my wife Jackie and fellow teacher Karen Parsons from their teaching home of the past 35 years, Lynn Kirk School in Austintown. You see, Jackie and Karen retired after serving some 1,600 elementary students between them. was no fanfare, no plaques, no letters of commendation, just three pick-up truck loads of educational materials bought and paid for by these dedicated teachers, who spent their adult lives seeing to the needs of children they served. I know they will be missed.
We never really appreciate the investment teachers make and the huge impact they have on our children. Jackie invested her own money and a lot of her personal time to see to that her students received the best she could provide. She sometimes came home frustrated over little things like why a parent would sacrifice the Weekly Reader for their child — for the cost of a pack of cigarettes. Or why so many parents never bothered to show up for a conference, and had no idea who was teaching their child.
Maybe is time to stop and remember the impact teachers have, and appreciate them for the job they do. Life’s lessons started with a teacher. Thank you Jackie, Karen and all those who dedicate their lives to the noble profession.
Teachers do make a difference, and ’s reflected in all the graduates we are so proud of that were featured in The Vindicator.


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Cappelen Damm

Sist oppdatert: 07.07.2008

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