Choose the right preposition for each of the gaps in the text.


to for between at of in on by of for at in of about in

About 30,000 Nigerians took advantage a rare chance to see their football heroes action Sunday, as Manchester United beat Portsmouth 2-1 in a friendly the capital, Abuja.

Nigerians are mad the Premiership, not so crazy their own leagues
The attendance was higher than for many games local teams and while the popularity the Premier League grows Nigeria, it seems to be the expense of the domestic league.
Observers say the future is bleak Nigerian football, with all its brightest stars being drawn Europe, while its own clubs wither and die, watched fewer and fewer people.
The coach of FC Abuja says the league officials need to change the time their matches to avoid Premiership fixtures.
"Whenever we play the same time as an Arsenal game, nobody shows up," says Abdu Maikaba.


Choose the right preposition
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