More examples of written genres

As promised on pages 221, 222, and 224, here are examples of the following written genres:

  • Formal letters
  • CV
  • Website

Note that there are no absolute rules for what such documents should look like. In our experience, different textbooks and manuals may give different advice. The main thing to remember is that formal or public genres should be clear and easy to understand and the tone should be polite. Spelling, grammar and punctuation are important in such genres, because language mistakes and/or a messy presentation reflect badly on the writer.

As far as formal lettes are concerned, they are rarely sent by mail the way they used to be, but the same format is also used when letters are faxed or attached to e-mails. Moreover, the two examples of formal letters on this page could easily be turned into e-mails by removing the addresses and dates, and instead using the subject line, etc. in the e-mail programme.

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